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Haneyya calls for building national strategy to save Palestinian cause


Head of Hamas’s political bureau Ismail Haneyya has called for building a Palestinian strategy to deal with the challenges facing the Palestinian cause, especially the threats coming from the US deal of the century.
Haneyya made his remarks during ‘the popular conference to confront the deal of the century and preserve the right of return” that was held in Gaza City on Sunday.
“We call for building a strategy based on three determinants. The first one is to define the phase we are going through as a stage of liberation from the occupation. It is not a stage of negotiations and peace with the enemy because our people are fighting for liberation from the occupation,” the Hamas official stated.
The second determinant of the strategy, he said, is to rearrange and organize the Palestinian house based on the principle of partnership.
He warned that any intents to exclude and marginalize major factions and national forces would not lead to national unity.
As for the third determinant, Haneyya highlighted the resistance option as part of the strategy and the Palestinian political process, stressing the need to build such strategy in order to abort the conspiracies targeting the Palestinian people.

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