The League of “Parliamentarians For Al-Quds” condemns US Secretary of State Pompeo’s announcement and calls on world parliaments and international institutions to act urgently to condemn the resolution


The Association of Parliamentarians for Jerusalem affirms that US Secretary of State Pompeo’s declaration that Israeli settlements are not contrary to international law is a blarant violation of international law, and this is what the US administration has consistently declared in its previous declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of the Zionist entity and its aggression against Gaza coincided with this void decision, and exceeded all international principles and humanitarian values and a gross violation of international law and international humanitarian law and resolutions of international legitimacy rejecting the settlement.
Such a declaration and its consequences contravene the provisions of Article (49) of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the forcible transfer or exile of the indigenous civilian population.
It contravenes article (8/b/8) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.
It contravenes Security Council resolution 2334 of the year (2016).
It contravenes the declaration by the US State Department in 1978 which states that the settlement is illegal.
It contravenes the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice of 9 July 2004 concerning the Apartheid Wall in the West Bank.
And for the seriousness of this matter and its implications:
The League calls upon all parliaments of the world to stand by the Palestinian people and reject this brutal decision.
The League calls upon the Inter-Parliamentary Union, the African Parliamentary Union and the Arab and Islamic Parliaments Unions to condemn and reject this decision.
It calls upon the League of Arab States to convene immediately for this serious cause and to take the necessary steps to make this decision non-existent.
The League calls on the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to convene in order to reject this decision, which is consistent with its previous position to face the decision to consider Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity and all its honorable positions on the Palestinian issue.
The League calls upon the Palestinian Authority to assume its responsibility and immediately direct the Security Council, the United Nations and the competent international tribunals to stop this resolution and its consequences.
The Association calls upon all institutions and civil society organizations working for Jerusalem and Palestine to act immediately and coordinate with one another in order to stop this decision and face all policies of imposing and legitimizing the fait accompli.

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