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Mahathir welcomes ICC announcement on Israeli war crimes


Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir bin Mohamad has welcomed the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) announced decision to open an investigation into Israeli crimes against the Palestinians.
Mahathir said that Israel should face justice over the atrocities it has committed against the Palestinian people.
Mahathir said the move was long overdue as Israel should be tried at the ICC for killing people, stealing the Palestinians’ lands and building settlements on them.
He pointed out that Israel had even detained and attacked Malaysian ships carrying humanitarian aid to besieged Gaza.
“They came with gunboats, stopped and towed our ships to their ports. Until now we don’t know whether the aid that was intended for Gaza was delivered or not,” he continued.
The prime minister added, “In the process, nine people were killed. This is a criminal act, but the world closed their eyes on this.”

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