The League of “Parliamentarians for Al-Quds” denounces US President Trump’s announcement of the deal of the century


In a blatant insistence to violate international resolutions and support the Israeli occupation that violates human rights, President Trump announces what he considers the peace plan, indifferent to the international community which considers Al-Quds an occupied land, in a blatant provocation to the feelings of the Palestinian people who suffer from the ravages of the oppression of the occupation for nearly a century and deny to Muslims and Christians who consider Al-Quds a sacred religious and historical heritage.
The League of “Parliamentarians for Al-Quds” declares its categorical rejection of this unjust plan and that it will address it with all available political and parliamentary means in line with international resolutions and the aspirations of the Arab, Christian and Islamic peoples and the free world who reject all forms of occupation as well as its practices that violate human dignity.
In light of this painful scene, which aims to liquidate the Palestinian cause and offend Arab, Christian and Islamic dignity, the league of “Parliamentarians for Al-Quds” calls on all governments of the world to take urgent action to confront this plan that opens the door wide to usurp rights and freedoms without regard for all values and laws.
It also calls the Free World, headed by distinguished parliamentarians, to activate all political and parliamentary mechanisms to push their governments to take the necessary urgent steps to prevent the implementation of this plan’s clauses, which consolidate the pillars of the Israeli occupation and jump on the legitimate Palestinian right.

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