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Statement of the league of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds on the Health conditions in the occupied Palestinian


Statement of the league of “Parliamentarians for Al-Quds” on the Health conditions in the occupied Palestinian

While Muslims celebrate the religious anniversary of ascension (isra’ and miraj)

on the night of the twenty-seventh Rajab of the Hijri year, Gaza Strip continues to be burdened by all tragedies and sorrows as a result of the unjust siege imposed by the occupation fourteen years ago in a painful scene through the manifestations of need and lack of the lowest essential elements of the normal life for the Palestinian people in Gaza, since the percentage of poverty and unemployment has become the highest in the world, reaching 75% during the year 2019, while 70% of the total population of the Gaza Strip has become food insecure, and 33.8% are below the extreme poverty line, not to mention the lack of health care that have become threatening of a possible humanitarian tragedy for an entire people after the discovery of two cases of the Corona pandemic, a pandemic major countries with developed health systems couldn’t face or contain!

The League of “Parliamentarians for Al-Quds” extends its sincere condolences to all the countries that were afflicted by the pandemic which led to the loss of many of its citizens and wishes a speedy recovery for the sick ones. We urge all countries to assist the Palestinian people in Gaza to overcome the risks of this global pandemic and stand sincerely at their side to erase all the inhumane effects they suffered from for more than a decade due to the ravages of the siege.

The Executive committee of the League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds

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