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EuroPal calls for protecting Palestinian prisoners from coronavirus


London-based EuroPal Forum on Sunday called on European governments and parliaments to pressure the Israeli occupation authorities to take the necessary measures to protect Palestinian detainees in their jails against the coronavirus disease.
The forum in a press statement expressed its concern over recent Israeli measures against Palestinian detainees, including removing cleaning products from the prison canteens.
The forum also noted that Israeli prison guards regularly raid the prison cells without wearing protective gloves and masks, which poses a threat to the lives of Palestinian prisoners especially with the outbreak of coronavirus among Israeli jailers and interrogators.
The forum’s statement underlined that about 5000 Palestinians, including 43 women, 180 minors, 430 administrative detainees and 700 prisoners with health problems, are being held in Israeli jails in poor conditions.
EuroPal called for immediate intervention to ensure the safety of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails before it is too late.

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