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Malaysian Parliament to debate Israeli plan to annex Palestinian territories in West Bank


Dewan Rakyat (The Malaysian House of Representatives) has approved the emergency motion to discuss Malaysia’s move over the proposed annexation plan by Israel of the occupied Palestininan territories in the West Bank, including the strategic Jordan Valley.
The motion was tabled Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh (PH-Ledang), who submitted the notice on July 14.
He said the emergency motion should be debated as it involved a specific issue involving the annexation plan in the West Bank, including parts of the Jordan Valley, by Israel in line with the US president’s plan known as the “Deal of the Century”.
“The idea is to allow Israel to administer directly parts of the illegal Jewish settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank, including in the Jordan Valley area,” he said.
It was reported that the plan, which aims to annex all areas already illegally occupied by Jewish settlers in the occupied West Bank, including the Jordan Valley, amounts to one-third of the territory.
The plan is in line with President Donald Trump’s so-called Middle-East plan, which envisages a demilitarised Palestinian state on a patchwork of disjointed parts of the Palestinian territories.
The Israeli annexation was slated for July 1, but Israeli officials said the process would take place later this month in coordination with their American counterparts.
Syed Ibrahim said the matter was urgent as it had already begun on July 1 and involved public interest as it would also affect thousands of people living in those areas.
Speaker of Dewan Rakyat Datuk Azhar Azizan Harun said he would allow the motion to be debated as it fulfilled the conditions under Standing Order 18 of being an urgent and specific issue of public interest.
“I will allow the emergency motion to be debated based on Standing Order 16 (6) today (July 16), but it will be debated at the Special Chambers by giving 30 minutes to the opposition and 30 minutes for the government to answer,” he said.

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