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The Maldives Parliament approves a resolution demanding the international community to recognize the Palestinian state


The People’s Majlis has accepted a resolution seeking to call on the international community to declare Palestine as an independent and sovereign state.
The resolution has been forwarded for review to the Committee on National Security and Foreign Relations.
67 members had unanimously voted to accept the resolution, submitted by Villingili constituency MP Saud Hussain.
Submitting the resolution, MP Saud noted that it revolves around raising the country’s voice against the illegal occupation of the Israeli immigrants in Palestine as well as the inhumane acts of torture on its people.
The lawmaker noted that Maldives has always believed Jerusalem to be the capital of Palestine and that the Israeli pioneers occupying their lands is a hindrance to the human integrity and sanctity guaranteed to the Palestinian people.
MP Saud went on to add that these acts not only soil the Palestinian people’s sanctity, but is also against the international laws.
Hence, voicing against the acts of torture is expected to assist in the efforts to bring an end to them, said the lawmaker.
During the 18th Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Maldives condemned the illegal occupation of Israeli immigrant in the lands of Palestine and voiced support for the declaration of Palestine as an independent and sovereign state.

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