MP Ras Mubarak, member of the League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds and member of the Ghanaian parliament, described today, Friday, the normalization of relations between the United Arab Emirates and the Israeli apartheid regime as “shameful betrayal” by the UAE for the Palestinian people.
Mubarak said, in an article he sent to the league, that the Palestinians live in conditions of apartheid worse than those experienced by South Africa.
Mubarak asked: “How can peace lovers in the world claim that they are in solidarity with the State of Palestine, and are still dealing with the racist Israeli regime that kills Palestinian children, men and women?”
He explained that the Arab world’s boycott of Israel was mainly in the struggle for the liberation of Palestine just as the isolation of South Africa on the African continent was a decisive element in the struggle against apartheid, continuing, “Once again, the Palestinian people have been left in the lurch. First, it was Egypt, under President Anwar Sadat in March 1979 and Jordan in 1994.”
The MP called on all Arab countries to treat the apartheid state in Israel in the same way that African countries dealt with apartheid in South Africa, stressing that “there can be no normalization of ties with Israel while the Palestinian people are still occupied; there can be no normalization of ties while Israel still practices apartheid, colonialism and siege against the Palestinians. “
Mubarak pointed to the importance of severing relations with the occupation in support of the Palestinian people’s struggle, explaining, “During the South African people’s struggle against apartheid, African states formed the frontline of resistance against Pretoria’s brutal regime. From Zambia to Tanzania, to Ghana and Algeria, countries across the African continent provided logistical, political and economic support to South Africa’s liberation struggle.”
He stressed that “the false peace will not last. Over 40years on, Egypt’s betrayal of the Palestinian people has not stopped Israel from practicing apartheid. And with the announcement by Trump about normalization of ties between the UAE and apartheid Israel, the world would soon and yet again realize Netanyahu’s hypocrisy about being committed to peace with the state of Palestine.”

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