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The Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) called on the Arab and international parliaments on Monday, to develop a unified response to defend the rights and the cause of the Palestinian people and to uphold their principled support for the rights of Palestinians. It further calls on Parliaments to denounce agreements which legitimizes the occupation.
PLC said in a written letter sent to a number of heads of Arab and international parliaments denouncing the UAE-Israeli agreement, that “the ominous agreement constituted a complete alignment in favor of the occupation and effective participation in its crimes and implementation of the Zionist and American plans aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause.”
The letter described the agreement as “a heinous crime and a treacherous stab against the Palestinian people and their just cause, and a blatant disregard  of the consensus, values and constants  towards the Palestinian cause,” they stressed the need for Arab and international parliaments to continue to support the Palestinian people in their cause and to  firmly denounce the “disgraceful agreement concluded by the rulers of the UAE “.
PLC stressed the need to condemn and isolate those who are signatories of the agreement.  They called for the mobilisation in support of the Palestine cause at parliamentary, political, diplomatic and popular levels.
PLC called on parliaments to hold urgent parliamentary sessions to denounce agreements which seek to legitimize illegal Israeli occupation, to ensure effective mechanisms to hold Israel accountable at regional and international forums. In addition, parliaments are urged to exert all possible forms of pressure to isolate those who collaborate with the occupation.

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