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The Tunisian municipality of Medenine launched a memorial in the city centre in the form of a map of Palestine, and banners bearing slogans greeting the Palestinian people and praising their commitment to their land.
The event was attended by Municipal Mayor Moncef Ben Yamna, the governor of Medina, the Tunisian General Labor Union, Medina branch, the Embassy of the State of Palestine, the Masarat Palestine Land Centre and a number of civil society organizations.
The signs surrounding the large monument, reads: “From Medenine to Palestine, a greeting to the people of Jabbarians.”
The event commemorates the 35th anniversary of the “Hammam al-Shat” massacre committed by the occupation army which targeted the headquarters of the Palestine Liberation Organization in the “Hammam al-Shat” south of the capital Tunis, resulting in the killing of 68 Palestinians and Tunisians. The theme of the commemoration for this year is “normalization.” betrayal”.

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