A statement condemning the coup attempt

  In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful
The league of Parliamentarians for Jerusalem has followed with interest the developments of the events that Turkey has known last night, and which was designed to destabilize it, to mess with the credibility of its democracy, and distort its aesthetic experience in an exposed conspiracy. foiled by the awareness of the people know how to stand against the cunning and intrigues and spiteful people who did not like with envy the political and economic rebirth, which has become an example to be proud of..
The League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds announces its strong condemnation of the coup attempt that targeted the seizure of legitimacy granted by the Turkish people’s free will to those who see in them the ability to take responsibility for the Promotion of Turkey and upgrading their roles in all areas of knowledge and leadership.
The League also announces the absolute standing alongside Turkish government and people in all their endeavors to maintain the its gains that enabled it to regain its active presence in all international forums.
It also expresses its pride of the Turkish people on the immediate response with their president.
The executive body of the League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds.