About Us

Who Are We?

Parliamentarians for Al-Quds is an internationally independent group which was established in 2015. It aims to activate the role of parliamentarians in supporting Palestinian human rights according to international laws. It works together with parliamentarians from various world parliaments for consultation, coordination and cooperation on the issues of Palestine.

Our Vision :

Activating and coordinating the efforts of international parliamentarians to support the Palestine cause.

Our Message :

To coordinate efforts of parliamentarians from across the world towards more cooperation in order to have a positive role towards the issues of Palestine.

Our Goals:

 The league will strive to achieve the following goals:
1. Establishing and coordinating with Palestine friendship committees in all parliaments, parties and parliamentary blocs.
2. Activating the role of parliamentarians on both regional and international level to expose the violations committed by the Israeli occupation.
3. Urging parliamentarians to pressure their governments to support the Palestine cause and to defend the Palestinians legitimate rights.
4. Providing parliamentarians with the necessary briefings regarding human rights violations in Palestine.
5. Filing lawsuits in local and international courts against the Israeli illegal practices.
6. Confronting the Judaization process of Jerusalem.
7. Confronting the policy of abducting and exiling members of the Palestinian Legislative Council.
8. Opposing the apartheid wall segregating Palestinians on local, regional and international levels.
9. Contributing in alleviating the suffering of Palestinians through all possible legal means.

Membership :

1. Membership is open for all current or former parliament members who support the Palestinian legitimate cause and demand justice for Palestinians.
2. Membership is to be granted to representatives of institutions that contributed in establishing this League.
3. Honorary membership is to be granted to persons or institutions that contributed in supporting the Palestinian cause on legal and human rights levels.
4. Membership is canceled due to death, resignation or by resolution of the Executive Committee if the member violated conditions of membership.
5. The Executive Committee determines the amount of the annual subscription for members and institutions that should be endorsed by the General Assembly.

Sources of Finance :

1. Membership Subscriptions
2. Contributions and donations
3. Endowment overturns