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Heads of Arab parliaments demanding the suspension of membership of the Knesset

    Heads of Arab Parliaments demanded unions and regional and international parliamentary associations, especially the the Inter-Parliamentary Union to suspend the membership of the Israeli Knesset in their organs and institutions following the adoption of the Knesset Law which legitimize theft of Palestinian land, while the government welcomed the final statement and its decisions and …


The Portuguese Parliament acknowledges the draft resolution condemning the “Adjustment Act

   The Portuguese parliament voted on Friday evening, in favor of a draft resolution condemning the “Adjustment Act” passed by the Israeli Knesset recently.     The project presented by the ruling Socialist Party in Portugal, which provided for the “condemnation of the adoption of the Knesset Law which legitimize housing construction in existing settlements in …


A political seminar organized by the League of “parliamentarians for Al-Quds” in Istanbul to support the UN resolution against israeli settlement.

    Parliamentarians has affirmed their support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people against the “barbarism” of Israel, and the need of all the parliaments from all the world to carry out the legal responsibilities to confront repeated violations of the Israeli occupation of UN resolutions, the most recent Security Council resolution 2334 rejection of …


A Common parliamentary meeting between the League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds and the change and reform parliamentary palestinian bloc.

    MPs from the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc and deputies from the League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds assured yesterday on the need for a continued support of the Palestinian cause with all potentials in international forums, especially the support of the issue of the occupied Jerusalem.    They stressed, during a meeting convened …


MPs debate Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in the House of Commons Chamber

On Thursday 9 February MPs will debate a motion on Israeli settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories in the House of Commons Chamber. This debate will be led by Sir Desmond Swayne, Mark Williams, Chris Bryant, Tommy Sheppard & Dr Tania Mathias. A transcript of the debate will be available to read on “Commons Hansard “ three hours after the debate. The Motion to be debated …


Bahraini deputy calls for the nation’s uprising against the transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem.

       The MP for the National Islamic Tribune Association and Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for the Support of the Palestinian people Mohammad Ismail Al Emadi denounced the US President Donald Trump’s statements on his intention to move the US embassy to Jerusalem in violation of United Nations resolutions that recognize that Jerusalem …


Parliamentarians From “Al-Islah” party discuss Palestinian issues with Bahrain’s parliament

       Palestinian MPs from the “Reform and Change” bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council and Bahrainis’ MPs representing the advocacy Committee of  Palestine in Bahrain’s parliament discussed a number of issues during a  common parliamentary meeting via “video conferencing” technologie this week, at the headquarters of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza and the headquarters …


Jordanian Deputy accuses his country’s army to protect Israel

      The Jordanian MP Tareq Khoury accused Jordanian Armed Forces to protect Israel,  provoking anger and indignation of other deputies who responded to the accusations and ended with the lifting of Tuesday’s session.      Khoury, known with his support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime also accused allies of the kingdom, to come …


Elements of the occupation attack the MPs of Arab Union list

       Israeli occupation forces attacked the United Arab List deputies while trying to enter the village of Umm Hieran besieged since Wednesday morning.       The activist Rafik Bakri said to “Safa” Agency that police attacked the deputies of united list, while trying to break the military checkpoint, installed by the occupying forces on …


Abbas calls MP Aoudah and condoles martyrdom of Abu Al-Kiaan

    The President Mahmoud Abbas telephoned, on Wednesday, Chairman of the United Arab List in Knesset deputy Ayman Aoudah, and was reassured about his health, after being shot by Israeli police during the addressing the process of demolition of the village of Umm al-Hieran.     Abbas presented condolences for the martyrdom of the …

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