Guide for MPs:

  • Affirming and renewing intention to serve the issue of Al-Quds with sincerity.
  • Joining the League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds.
  • Considering the support of Al-Quds a major goal which entails several activities as follows:
  1. At a personal level:
  • Highlighting the issue of Al-Quds through means of communication such as profile photos, office artifact, keyring, display screens and so on.
  1. At Family level:
  • The MP is encouraged to involve his family and raise awareness through their networks and circles of friendships. Use opportunities to highlight the historical significance of Al-Quds and the importance of supporting its cause.
  1. At the constituency level:
  • To communicate with influential personalities from all levels of society to brief them on the Israeli violations against holy places and against Palestinians and a reminder of their duty towards Al-Quds.
  • To organize an annual event at his/her constituency allocated for reminding the electorate of their duty to support the Palestinian cause through all possible means.
  • To draw attention to Al-Quds and Palestine through publications and advertisements.
  • To highlight the support for Al-Quds in possible media outlets.
  • To highlight the Palestinian cause through the election campaigns.
  1. At the parliamentary level:
  • To be eager to raise the issue of Al-Quds at the parliament and requesting supportive stances from the government against the ethnic cleansing in Al-Quds. Various means can be used such as parliamentary questioning on any shortcoming or ambiguous position of the government.  Governmental efforts to support Al-Quds should be appraised.
  • To coordinate with other MPs to organize pro Palestine and Al-Quds activities and call for the release of the detained Palestinian MPs.
  1. At the diplomatic level:
  • Correspond with the UN Secretary General requesting him to assume his duties in implementing international conventions and treaties concerned with human rights in Al-Quds.
  • Correspond with regional parliaments to urge them to assume their responsibility in supporting Al-Quds and releasing the detained MPs.
  • Correspond with presidents, prime ministers and speakers of parliaments to assume their legal responsibilities towards Al-Quds.
  • Correspond with international parliamentarians to request their support for the Palestinians’ right of freedom and the release of the detained MPs.