Fifth Article (The Goals)

The League will strive to achieve the following goals:
1- Establishing and activating Palestine committees in all parliaments and parliamentary blocs.
2- Activating the role of parliamentarians on the regional and international levels to expose the occupation’s violations.
3- Urging parliamentarians to pressure their governments to adopt the Palestine cause and to defend the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights.
4- Supplying parliamentarians with the necessary media material about the oppression befalling the Palestinian people and human rights violations.
5- Filing lawsuits locally and internationally against the Zionist entity.
6- Contributing in alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian people with all means available.
7- Confronting the policy of Judaization and desecration of holy shrines in al-Quds.
8- Confronting the ceaseless policy of abducting and exiling members of the Palestinian Legislative Council.
9- Standing up against the apartheid, segregation wall on the local, regional, and international levels.