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Guide of parliaments:

  • Endorsing a permanent committee for Al-Quds or Palestine.
  • Including a statement on supporting Al-Quds in the official address at the inauguraland closing sessions of the parliament.
  • Setting Al-Quds issue and the release of the detained MPs on the agenda of the parliament’s discussions.
  • Allocating a parliamentarian session each year for the issue of Al-Quds.
  • Passing legislations to condemn the Zionist occupation and its violations against Palestinians and to call for boycotting the Occupation.
  • Organizing annual conferences and seminars on Al-Quds.
  • Corresponding with the chairman of the international parliamentary union and speakers of regional parliaments on the issue of Al-Quds and the detained MPs.
  • Activating the role of friendship committees to contribute in supporting Al-Quds and the release of the detained MPs.
  • Forming parliamentary delegations to visit world parliaments to urge them to assume their responsibilities towards Al-Quds, Palestine, ethnic cleansing and the detained MPs.
  • Organizing joint public events with other parliamentarians in support of Al-Quds and Palestine.
  • Calling for reactivating the Palestinian Legislative Council.
  • Supporting families of the detained Palestinian MPs through all possible means.