This guide is dedicated mainly to the Arab and Muslim MPs connected to Al-Quds and Palestine through humane, national and religious ties.

It can also be adopted by all parliamentarians in support of Palestinian rights, taking into consideration the cultural and political differences. It is a guide for those who are concerned by the Israeli occupation in Al-Quds and its racist policies against the identity and ideology of Palestinians whether Muslims or Christians.

Al-Quds has witnessed various ruling powers and different civilizations until it settled under the Muslim Arab civilization as a symbol for cohesion and coexistence open to all. It continued to be that symbol until the colonial countries helped in establishing the Israeli occupation state on its land. The civilization, holiness, peace, people,  and history were violated following the occupation. The Israeli occupation ignored all international conventions and treaties and displaced its indigenous people and continue to do so and detained their MPs.

It is the duty of international MPs who support Palestinians right to freedom to stand up to the policies of the Zionist occupation towards Al-Quds and Palestine.

The league of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds was set as a platform for parliamentarians supporting Al-Quds and Palestine. This guide intends to assist the parliamentarians joining the league to achieve their objectives.