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This guide is dedicated mainly to the Arab and Muslim MPs connected to Al-Quds and Palestine through humane, national and religious ties.

It can also be adopted by all parliamentarians in support of Palestinian rights, taking into consideration the cultural and political differences. It is a guide for those who are concerned by the Israeli occupation in Al-Quds and its racist policies against the identity and ideology of Palestinians whether Muslims or Christians.

Al-Quds has witnessed various ruling powers and different civilizations until it settled under the Muslim Arab civilization as a symbol for cohesion and coexistence open to all. It continued to be that symbol until the colonial countries helped in establishing the Israeli occupation state on its land. The civilization, holiness, peace, people,  and history were violated following the occupation. The Israeli occupation ignored all international conventions and treaties and displaced its indigenous people and continue to do so and detained their MPs.

It is the duty of international MPs who support Palestinians right to freedom to stand up to the policies of the Zionist occupation towards Al-Quds and Palestine.

The league of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds was set as a platform for parliamentarians supporting Al-Quds and Palestine. This guide intends to assist the parliamentarians joining the league to achieve their objectives.

The MP and al-Quds:

The MP is a voice expressing the causes that is of concern to humanity  . Al-Quds is a cause at the forefront of the causes which is considered to hold ties of faith, history and civilization beside being a homeland. It is a cause which deserves sacrifices from those who believe in freedom and justice worldwide.

There is no doubt that Palestinian MPs have always been at the forefront in defending their legitimate rights. Therefore, the Israeli occupation targeted them, killing some and detaining others in Israeli prisons despite their parliamentary immunity.  Hence, it is the responsibility of the parliamentarians around the world to stand by their Palestinian counterparts and demand their freedom and right to resistance.

The importance of the MPs guide:

  • To facilitate the role of the MP towards Al-Quds and Palestine.
  • To activate the role of MPs toward demanding the release of the detained Palestinian MPs and support them in their struggle.
  • To coordinate efforts of MPs in support of the cause of Al-Quds and Palestine.
  • To mobilize MPs to support Al-Quds and the release of the detained MPs.
  • To boost the MPs support and work for Al-Quds and Palestine.
  • To benefit from past work experiences for Al-Quds and Palestine.
  • To appreciate the efforts exerted by MPs working for Al-Quds and Palestine.
  • To set a work plan to support the issue of Al-Quds and Palestine.
  • To focus on Al-Quds and Palestine as a central issue.

The guide:

This guide will comprise four elements, the first a guide for MPs, the second a guide for parliamentary blocs, the third a guide for Parliamentary friendship committees and the fourth a guide for parliaments.

Guide for MPs:

  • Affirming and renewing intention to serve the issue of Al-Quds with sincerity.
  • Joining the League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds.
  • Considering the support of Al-Quds a major goal which entails several activities as follows:
  1. At a personal level:
  • Highlighting the issue of Al-Quds through means of communication such as profile photos, office artifact, keyring, display screens and so on.
  1. At Family level:
  • The MP is encouraged to involve his family and raise awareness through their networks and circles of friendships. Use opportunities to highlight the historical significance of Al-Quds and the importance of supporting its cause.
  1. At the constituency level:
  • To communicate with influential personalities from all levels of society to brief them on the Israeli violations against holy places and against Palestinians and a reminder of their duty towards Al-Quds.
  • To organize an annual event at his/her constituency allocated for reminding the electorate of their duty to support the Palestinian cause through all possible means.
  • To draw attention to Al-Quds and Palestine through publications and advertisements.
  • To highlight the support for Al-Quds in possible media outlets.
  • To highlight the Palestinian cause through the election campaigns.
  1. At the parliamentary level:
  • To be eager to raise the issue of Al-Quds at the parliament and requesting supportive stances from the government against the ethnic cleansing in Al-Quds. Various means can be used such as parliamentary questioning on any shortcoming or ambiguous position of the government.  Governmental efforts to support Al-Quds should be appraised.
  • To coordinate with other MPs to organize pro Palestine and Al-Quds activities and call for the release of the detained Palestinian MPs.
  1. At the diplomatic level:
  • Correspond with the UN Secretary General requesting him to assume his duties in implementing international conventions and treaties concerned with human rights in Al-Quds.
  • Correspond with regional parliaments to urge them to assume their responsibility in supporting Al-Quds and releasing the detained MPs.
  • Correspond with presidents, prime ministers and speakers of parliaments to assume their legal responsibilities towards Al-Quds.
  • Correspond with international parliamentarians to request their support for the Palestinians’ right of freedom and the release of the detained MPs.

Guide of parliamentary bloc:

  • Setting the cause of Al-Quds and Palestine and the release of the detained MPs as one of the main goals of the bloc.
  • Joining the League of Parliamentarians for Al-Quds.
  • Assigning a post in the bloc’s bureau in charge of Al-Quds cause.
  • Organizing a seminar on Al-Quds once every year at least.
  • Coordinating with other blocs to publish a parliamentarian magazine or bulletin about Al-Quds.
  • Supporting and contributing to the League’s activities and events.
  • Urging other MPs to assume their duties towards Al-Quds.
  • Coordinating with regional and international parliamentary blocs to support Al-Quds and Palestine.
  • Organizing events inside and outside the Parliament to support Al-Quds especially on international occasions.
  • Forming delegations to visit parliamentary blocs in other countries to urge them to assume their role towards Al-Quds and to call for the release of the detained Palestinian MPs in coordination with the League.
  • Following up with other blocs through periodical briefings to activate their role in support of Al-Quds and the release of the detained Palestinian MPs.
  • Proposing joint activities with blocs from different countries such as seminars, political panels, field visits, press conferences, press releases, etc.

Guide of friendship committees:

  • Organizing local and international events in support of Al-Quds and Palestine.
  • Activating contacts with friendship committees in other parliaments and organizing joint events in support of Al-Quds and Palestine.
  • Maintaining constant contact with the Palestinian legislative Council and organizing joint activities.
  • Working on the establishment of Palestinian friendship committees in all world parliaments.
  • Organizing media seminars to expose the Zionist crimes in Al-Quds and Palestine.

Guide of parliaments:

  • Endorsing a permanent committee for Al-Quds or Palestine.
  • Including a statement on supporting Al-Quds in the official address at the inauguraland closing sessions of the parliament.
  • Setting Al-Quds issue and the release of the detained MPs on the agenda of the parliament’s discussions.
  • Allocating a parliamentarian session each year for the issue of Al-Quds.
  • Passing legislations to condemn the Zionist occupation and its violations against Palestinians and to call for boycotting the Occupation.
  • Organizing annual conferences and seminars on Al-Quds.
  • Corresponding with the chairman of the international parliamentary union and speakers of regional parliaments on the issue of Al-Quds and the detained MPs.
  • Activating the role of friendship committees to contribute in supporting Al-Quds and the release of the detained MPs.
  • Forming parliamentary delegations to visit world parliaments to urge them to assume their responsibilities towards Al-Quds, Palestine, ethnic cleansing and the detained MPs.
  • Organizing joint public events with other parliamentarians in support of Al-Quds and Palestine.
  • Calling for reactivating the Palestinian Legislative Council.
  • Supporting families of the detained Palestinian MPs through all possible means.