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Longest hunger striking administrative detainee ends fast after Israel sets a date for his release

The longest hunger striking Palestinian administrative detainee ended today his fast after the Israeli High Court set a date for his release, said the Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS). It said Ahmad Ghannam, from the town of Dura in the south of the West Bank who has been on hunger strike for a straight 102 days …


200 Palestinian prisoners suspend their hunger strike

200 Palestinian prisoners at the Rimon detention camp suspended their hunger strike, which they started on Monday, to demand the removing of carcinogenic devices in the prison, and to improve the living conditions of prisoners held in the detention center. Head of the Prisoners’ and Ex-prisoners’ Affairs Commission, Qadri Abu Bakr said that the dialogue …


PPCS: Health of two hunger strikers seriously declined

The Palestinian Prisoner Center for Studies (PPCS) has warned that the health conditions of hunger-striking prisoners Ahmed Ghannam, from al-Khalil, and Hudaifa Halbiya, from Jerusalem, have seriously worsened. In a statement released on Saturday, PPCS said the health conditions of prisoners Ghannam and Halbiya reached disturbing and serious stages. According to PPCS, Ghannam has been …


Eight Palestinian administrative detainees on hunger strike

8 Palestinian detainees are currently on hunger strike in Israeli jails in protest at the Israel Prison Service’s arbitrary policies against them including administrative detention and solitary confinement. Prisoner Huthaifa Halabiya, 28, has been on hunger strike for 58 days. Halabiya, who suffers from cancer, is detained by Israel administratively without charge or trial. Ahmad …