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US senator warns Netanyahu about implications of unilateral annexation

US Senator Dianne Feinstein has warned in an identical letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli ambassador to the US Ron Dermer about the implications of a unilateral Israeli annexation of land in the occupied West Bank. “I fear that any steps taken by Israel to unilaterally annex land in the West Bank …


Maldives condemns Netanyahu’s threat to annex parts of the West Bank

The government of Maldives, on Wednesday, condemned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s announcement to annex and apply Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea in the Occupied Palestinian Territories of West Bank if he were re-elected in next week’s general elections. During a televised news conference, Netanyahu implied that the annexation …


Ashrawi: Netanyahu’s announced annexation plans are criminal, threaten international peace and security

The Israeli prime minister’s announcement of his intention to annex the entirety of the Jordan valley and Dead Sea as well as his plan to annex all illegal Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank is unquestionably reprehensible. The gravity of this clear statement of criminal intent is compounded by the assured close coordination and …


Bahar: Netanyahu and his fake entity will be doomed to demise

Ahmed Bahar, first deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, has accused the Israeli government of dragging the region into a religious war because of its persistence in desecrating the Islamic holy sites. In a press release on Wednesday, Bahar warned Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu of playing with fire, asserting that “Netanyahu would be the …


Netanyahu’s ‘visit’ to Hebron will not change its fact as an Arab Palestinian city

Palestinian activists called for receiving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Hebron on Wednesday night with black flags on homes near the Ibrahimi mosque as observers, politicians and historians dismissed all allegations regarding the “visit” describing it as a provocation. According to Maarive newspaper, Netanyahu will take part in a ritual in the Jewish settlement …


EU rejects Netanyahu’s calls for following US move over Jerusalem

Foreign ministers of European Union (EU) states have strongly rejected calls by Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu, for them to follow Donald Trump’s move and recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This opposition from across the European spectrum came as Netanyahu made the first official trip to the EU by a sitting Israeli premier in 22 years. …