The Statute

We have decided to establish the League of Parliamentarians for al-Quds (Jerusalem) out of our belief in the importance and effectiveness of joint parliamentary endeavor, and out of our conviction in activating the role of parliamentarians and in coordinating their efforts towards the issue of al-Quds and Palestine, and out of our duty in confronting the occupation’s policy of Judaization, demolition of homes, confiscation of land, and violation of human rights in Palestine in general and in al-Quds in particular, and out of our wish to transfer the world’s parliaments into a podium to expose the Zionist occupation’s policies and to defend the Palestinians and Jerusalemites’ right to their holy places and lands and their right to live in dignity in accordance with principles of human rights that were endorsed by heavenly religions and international laws. We have taken this step by the Grace of Allah and then depending on the loyal efforts of all parliamentarians in the world who believe in the goals of this League and work for their implementation.

First Article: The Name

The official name of the league will be the following:
“Parliamentarians for al-Quds”

Second Article: Introduction

The League of “Parliamentarians for al-Quds” is an independent, international group that brings together parliamentarians from various world parliaments for consultation, coordination, and cooperation on means of upgrading parliamentary role towards the issues of Palestine and al-Quds. It also works on developing and diversifying such a role so as to achieve the aspired goals and to integrate efforts and to report the League’s message to all world parliaments.

Third Article: Vision

Activating and coordinating the role of the world parliamentarians towards al-Quds and Palestine.

Fourth Article: The Message

To activate and coordinate efforts of parliamentarians in the world towards more consultation and cooperation for the sake of activating their role towards the issues of al-Quds and Palestine

Fifth Article: The Goals

The League will strive to achieve the following goals:
1- Establishing and activating Palestine committees in all parliaments and parliamentary blocs.
2- Activating the role of parliamentarians on the regional and international levels to expose the occupation’s violations.
3- Urging parliamentarians to pressure their governments to adopt the Palestine cause and to defend the Palestinian people’s legitimate rights.
4- Supplying parliamentarians with the necessary media material about the oppression befalling the Palestinian people and human rights violations.
5- Filing lawsuits locally and internationally against the Zionist entity.
6- Contributing in alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian people with all means available.
7- Confronting the policy of Judaization and desecration of holy shrines in al-Quds.
8- Confronting the ceaseless policy of abducting and exiling members of the Palestinian Legislative Council.
9- Standing up against the apartheid, segregation wall on the local, regional, and international levels.

Sixth Article: Membership

1- Membership is open for all current or former parliament members who support the Palestinian just and legitimate cause and apply for membership.
2- Membership is to be granted to representatives of institutions that contributed in establishing the League.
3- Honorary membership is to be granted to persons or institutions that contributed in supporting the Palestinian cause on the legal and human rights levels.
4- Membership is cancelled due to death or resignation or by a resolution of the Executive Committee if the member violated the conditions of membership.
5- The Executive Committee determines the amount of the annual subscription for members and institutions that should be endorsed by the Plenum.

Seventh Article: Sources of Finance

1- Subscriptions.
2- Contributions, donations.
3- Waqf yields.

Eighth Article: Administrative Structure

The League will work on achieving its goals through its basic bodies as following:
The Plenum
The Executive Committee

Ninth Article: The Plenum

The Plenum comprises all members participating in the founding conference and new members who passed the conditions for membership.
-The Plenum elects the Chairman of the League and two deputies for a period of 4 years.
-The Chairman, or one of his deputies in the event of his absence, manages the Plenum’s meetings.
-The Plenum draws the broad lines of the League’s policies.
-The Plenum monitors the implementation of plans and programs and the annual reports.
-The Plenum endorses bylaws and formation of internal committees.
-The Plenum is to meet once annually and could hold an extraordinary meeting at the request of the Chairman or a quarter of the members.
 -The Plenum is the reference for the Executive Committee.

Tenth Article: The Executive Committee

-The Executive Committee consists of the Chairman, his two deputies, and seven members to be elected by the Plenum based on nominations by the Chairman after consulting with his deputies and should take into consideration the geographic diversification.
-The Chairman of the League is to head the Executive Committee and will be considered as its highest official and its official spokesman.
-The Executive Committee would establish an administration unit headed by an executive director that would be responsible for implementing working plans endorsed by the Executive Committee.
Work of the Executive Committee
1- Drawing annual programs and plans and supervises their implementation after their endorsement by the Plenum.
2- Implementing the Plenum’s resolutions via constant consultation and coordination.
3- Preparing agenda of the Plenum’s meeting.
4- Preparing for the annual meeting of the League and issuing annual reports.
5- Deciding on requests for membership in the League and table recommendations to that end with the Plenum.
6- Following up works of the technical committees.

Eleventh Article: Headquarters

The headquarters of the League will be in Istanbul / Turkey and could be moved to another location by a decision of the Executive Committee.

Twelfth Article: General Rules